May Portraits
Damir May at May Fine Art Studio Vienna

Damir May

We live in distracting times with high expectations for gratification, and low expectations of beauty. The pace is too fast for our instinctive inner selves. This makes me sad. I ask you to join me, to slow down, to observe the natural eternal beauty around us. On my journey I capture the many moments, the duration, the lines, colours, and textures of life.


Evolution or Devolution?

Art Stories



The work is entitled Ruby after the focused subject, the English Cocker Spaniel, the beloved companion of a US-native client based in Vienna.

  • Ruby
  • brush
Oil painting Ruby by Damir May
Oil on canvas
Detail of oil painting Ruby by Damir May Ruby dog detail of oil painting by Damir May Ruby and Damir May at May Gallery

Waiting for Helena

When your love affair is like something from a movie, and your marriage, although only two and a half years along feels like you’ve known each other your whole life, waiting for your first child to be born is like waiting for the perfect gift.

  • Waiting for Helena
Waiting for Helena by Damir May
Oil on canvas
60x40 cm
Marta and Thomas portraits by Damir May Damir May with painting Waiting for Helena Damir May with Marta at May Gallery

First Day

The love that a mother has for her child is unconditional. With this love she is capable of overcoming all the hardships of an earthly existence. This breathtaking composition, done in lapis lazuli pigment, consists of 11 whole figure portraits and 3 animal portraits. This commission, for a private collection, was both divine and challenging.

  • First Day
Oil painting First Day by Damir May
Oil on canvas
200 x 275 cm
Shepards, detail of First Day painting by Damir May Three wise men, detail of First Day by Damir May Wise man, detail of painting First Day by Damir May

Raymonda’s Vision

Our client’s father wanted something special to honour his daughter’s 18th birthday so he commissioned a painting to highlight her grace and light.

  • Raymondas Vision
  • brush
Oil on canvas
Raymonda's Vision painting by Damir May Ballerina detail of Raymonda's Vision by Damir May Helena with Raymonda's Vision by Damir May

Stream of Joy

The Dobra River is an endless source of joy for our client. When he was 7 years old he started fishing for trout, returning to the river as often as he could.

  • Stream of Joy
  • brush
Detail of oil painting Stream of Joy by Damir May
Oil on canvas
Fisherman detail of Stream of Joy painting by Damir May Damir May with Stream of Joy portrait commission


Behind every great love, there are endless little stories. When Damir met Mila he knew she would be the great love of his life.

  • Mila
  • brush
Mila and Damir May with portrait
Oil on canvas
Detail of portrait commission by Damir May Portrait painting by Damir May Mila and Damir May with portrait