May Portraits

Waiting for Helena

When your love affair is like something from a movie, and your marriage, although only two and a half years along feels like you’ve known each other your whole life, waiting for your first child to be born is like waiting for the perfect gift.

They met in their thirties. Each had just experienced a very turbulent phase in their life.Both were tired of disappointing experiences and yet had so much love to give. A mutual friend thought they would fit together, no hesitation, no doubt. They would fit together. Although they lived in different parts of Austria, he decided to connect them. After three months of intensive online correspondence they decided to meet at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Vienna. He was sick, but came anyway because he was worried she would think he didn’t take the relationship seriously. Five months later, on Valentines Day, he popped the question.

  • Waiting for Helena
Waiting for Helena by Damir May
Oil on canvas
60x40 cm
Marta and Thomas portraits by Damir May Damir May with painting Waiting for Helena Damir May with Marta at May Gallery