May Portraits


Behind every great love, there are endless little stories. When Damir met Mila he knew she would be the great love of his life.

As an artist it was naturally his instinct to paint her, to preserve her, to put her down on canvas with his lines, his brushstrokes, his passion. In the painting, Mila wears a pearl necklace, a gift from Damir. In the photograph, many years later, she still wears the necklace. Only time separates the two women. When you are in love, you want objects to bind you. The frame that held Mila’s portrait was of chosen by Damir when he was still an art student in Florence – when he saw it in an antique shop he knew immediately that this was the one. No other would do.

  • Mila
  • brush
Mila and Damir May with portrait
Oil on canvas
Detail of portrait commission by Damir May Portrait painting by Damir May Mila and Damir May with portrait