May Portraits

Stream of Joy

The Dobra River is an endless source of joy for our client. When he was 7 years old he started fishing for trout, returning to the river as often as he could.

By the time he was 25 his life had become full and exciting but he found himself craving nature, peace and the sound of rushing water. So he took up fly fishing, crafting a bamboo rod by hand, and now stands by the rivers edge for hours at a time, breathing in the air, letting his mind wander, and recapturing the simplicity of the young boy. Fly fishing is his joy. All of the fish he catches are returned to the river. Our client, a business owner from Croatia, commissioned this painting so that he would never be far from that inner peace.

  • Stream of Joy
  • brush
Detail of oil painting Stream of Joy by Damir May
Oil on canvas
Fisherman detail of Stream of Joy painting by Damir May Damir May with Stream of Joy portrait commission