May Portraits

First Day

The love that a mother has for her child is unconditional. With this love she is capable of overcoming all the hardships of an earthly existence. This breathtaking composition, done in lapis lazuli pigment, consists of 11 whole figure portraits and 3 animal portraits. This commission, for a private collection, was both divine and challenging.

The story depicted comes in a recognisable form; it speaks of the evolution of life, existence and destiny, hope and faith. Yet all of these elements are united and tend towards a single, brilliant point that is a summary of sorts. Love. The unconditional love of a mother for her child, capable of overcoming all the hardships of an earthly existence, like the rock upon which the woman lies after giving birth, forgetting the pain, fatigue, and the dangers. All these fears are washed away and dispersed among the blue expanse that symbolises integrity. A wholeness that is depicted in the unique bond between a woman and her newborn child, in their touch and gaze, this type of direct communication that allows for the first sense of unity with the world all around. And so, the focus on the group in the center of the composition in fact annunciates great power through its fragility and vulnerability. A power that stems from a deep faith in a “higher” principle in life, and the quiet bystanders witness the event and their presence confirms and affirms the wonder of it. Moreover, their presence is a sign of the active role played by all creatures witnessing this life drama. And finally, this “memory” permeates the boundaries of time and space, thereby ceasing to be “some other reality” and merging into the one and only, true reality. Maris Liška Art Historian

  • First Day
Oil painting First Day by Damir May
Oil on canvas
200 x 275 cm
Shepards, detail of First Day painting by Damir May Three wise men, detail of First Day by Damir May Wise man, detail of painting First Day by Damir May